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Ladies and Gents here're the Announcements! If you haven't noticed yet, this website is dead. But fear not! We have been reborn into... Renati Vigilum. The URL to get to our new pack and website is on the home page above the chat box (or where that would be). If you were looking to join Soul Watchers just check out the new site cause we are still the same people (along with some new members) and we are x10 better than we were. I LOVE YOU ALL!! See you there!
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The weather in the valley is going to suck guys. The storm that is constantly mentioned in posts will be the end of the Soul Watchers pack. Some members will not make it, and some will. (Please put that info in your signature so it looks something like this... [Silence: Will survive flood but afterwards fate is undecided]) The rain will come down in buckets, and the lightening will start fires and trees will most likely fall in our path up the mountain. Season: Summer Weather Summary: The Storm


 My Scarred Past.

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My Scarred Past. Empty
PostSubject: My Scarred Past.   My Scarred Past. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 12:58 am

I arrive, Panting hard. Immediatly I have the painful memory of my father dying. I hear A screetching cry, the same one many moons before. "my enemy is near" I think to myself. I was going to kill it.

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PostSubject: Re: My Scarred Past.   My Scarred Past. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 10:41 pm

A Large black figure came to sight. It had the head of a water buffalo, a body of an ape, the feet of a horse/stag, and a whip-like tail. I stood tall ready to fight. I had Charged it, but its Huge hands knocked me to the side, throwing me to a tree. I was sure i broke something, But I had gone at it again. this time I was able to grab hold. The Demon roared in pain, as I rip his flesh off. His tail now, Glowed bright red. In a flash, I heard a whip cracking sound, and I was in severe pain. I fell. I lay there, waiting for it to end. I then remembered it all. the last flicker of light in me set off something. My anger and fury Raged off to a wildfire. I began to change. I felt myself grow, My pelt becoming darker and longer, I can feel sharp canines cut out. I WAS BLADE.I felt invincible.I let out a huge snarl, And bit the demon hard on the neck. It screetched in pain, and tried to attack me. the wounds healed, of course, And I ripped it stomach open. Blade had A blind rage in him, and It is out of control. The demon hugged it's stomach, sinking down. It looked as if he were begging for mercy. BLADE NEVER SHOWED MERCY. I could see the demon shrink down, and when he grew a tiny bit smaller than I, I bit him hard on the neck. I then lay in a Heap at teh now dead demon, once it had killed everything I loved. I became wolf again (even though blade looked like a wolf as big as a van) I then lay there. I had broken my leg before I became blade. I still had a few injuries.
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My Scarred Past.
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