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Ladies and Gents here're the Announcements! If you haven't noticed yet, this website is dead. But fear not! We have been reborn into... Renati Vigilum. The URL to get to our new pack and website is on the home page above the chat box (or where that would be). If you were looking to join Soul Watchers just check out the new site cause we are still the same people (along with some new members) and we are x10 better than we were. I LOVE YOU ALL!! See you there!
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The weather in the valley is going to suck guys. The storm that is constantly mentioned in posts will be the end of the Soul Watchers pack. Some members will not make it, and some will. (Please put that info in your signature so it looks something like this... [Silence: Will survive flood but afterwards fate is undecided]) The rain will come down in buckets, and the lightening will start fires and trees will most likely fall in our path up the mountain. Season: Summer Weather Summary: The Storm


 The Long Story

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PostSubject: The Long Story   The Long Story I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 01, 2013 9:30 pm

The Long Story Wolf-pack-howling

Our History

From the beginning I suppose. The Soul Watchers Valley, a beautiful place hidden from the humans wrath. But not from the demons and watchers within. They were the first to find our home, the watchers that is. Their story will be a bit shorter than our own. But here it is.


Their leader was never named, watchers do not believe in names. They scar each other and make sounds.

They resemble the ape, but a horrible mix of ape and demon. They stand like a human, but have long arms and wolf like ears. They bite to kill and hunt only at night. They choose their leader not by blood lines, but by strength and power. They will fight challengers and kill, like us they spare lives. But they also take them.

Watchers are smart creatures of the night, they may have been the first but they were the ones to discover the Wall of Psych├ęs. They viewed it as a gift from their god. A message from the heavens, but only their leader was allowed to see it. And place their hands on its stoney surface.

But then they vanished into the mountains, leaving no evidence that they ever lived on the lower grounds. No evidence but the scratches on the wall. Then the demons came.


We have all fought a demon one time or another. They come in all different shapes and sizes. They have come here to the calling of all the souls. Our valley is the home of souls, making it a perfect place for them to hunt.

Demons are sent from the deepest pits of Hell to join us as pups. Some were family members, in a few cases, who had been so evil that Hell didn't want them. You can befriend demons, or live to see their ends. Either choice would be fitting for anyone in our packs.

Demons are one of the oldest beings around, they may be evil and cruel but they have feelings too. They have no leader, they lead themselves. Though they get well known by their dirty deeds, the more you do the higher ranked they get. They are so old, that they can't have young. They relive and relive over and over, you may kill them but they will come back sooner or later. So don't get your hopes up.

They came like us, some followed animals in and killed them on the way. Each demon has a blood chosen name, and what they like to be called. My demons name is Blood, but her blood chosen name will be reveled sooner or later.


This story can start in many ways, but I will tell it as it should be told.

As you have read, you should now know that demons latch onto rides and use them to get into the valley. Well wolves were a preferred ride, they were not discarded like rabbits or birds would be. No, the demons would keep the wolfs body and use it to do their bidding. This is how the first wolves came to the valley, and yes, they were demons.

But they fought back, and some were smart enough to work with the demons. To control them and work with them to protect the valley. The strongest wolves/demons started packs, but they were still having the problem of being at peace with the demons within them. Soon enough they fought and killed almost every wolf and demon in the valley. A time of great death, you might hear me call it the Death Years. Anyways, the few remaining wolves and demons left. Scared of what they could, and possibly would do to a place so perfect.

But one stayed behind. Their leader, a white furred female demon, with a reason to stay and protect the valley. Years and years later a black furred female wolf fell upon the valley in a storm. While she slept, the white demon slipped into her body and healed her scars. Whispering words to her, comforting her and telling her that it was their time to protect their valley.

And they have been together ever since.

~Forever Silence~
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The Long Story
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