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Ladies and Gents here're the Announcements! If you haven't noticed yet, this website is dead. But fear not! We have been reborn into... Renati Vigilum. The URL to get to our new pack and website is on the home page above the chat box (or where that would be). If you were looking to join Soul Watchers just check out the new site cause we are still the same people (along with some new members) and we are x10 better than we were. I LOVE YOU ALL!! See you there!
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The weather in the valley is going to suck guys. The storm that is constantly mentioned in posts will be the end of the Soul Watchers pack. Some members will not make it, and some will. (Please put that info in your signature so it looks something like this... [Silence: Will survive flood but afterwards fate is undecided]) The rain will come down in buckets, and the lightening will start fires and trees will most likely fall in our path up the mountain. Season: Summer Weather Summary: The Storm


 Death Whisper Pack

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PostSubject: Death Whisper Pack   Death Whisper Pack I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2013 4:58 pm

Ill let Silver and Madarao tell you about the pack.
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PostSubject: Re: Death Whisper Pack   Death Whisper Pack I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2013 6:20 pm

Well then I shall tell ya some things about the pack mh? Smile
Okay, first of all, I´m the Alfa of the Death whisper pack and a very kind one. Strict but kind.

The death whisper teritorry is the totally opposite from the Lupin`s one. Untouched and unpredictable forests is what our home consists of. Darkness fills the death whisper woods and thick white fog floats above the ground which seems to swallow your paws. Brrr...scary...yeah that´s how most of the wolves would describe the place. Pretty annoys me sometimes. They got blinded from rumors and the wolves fears of what may await them there are hindering them from coming near to our woods. But let me tell you about the Teritorry from my point of view.

The Death whisper land is a mysterious and adventurous place and only suitable for wolves who got a very brave heart and extremely good senses. Not many can see the beauty within this Teritorry cause they´ve never stayed there for too long. Still...they talk about it like it would be the underworld on earth. The Death whisperers luckily got the opportunity to get closer to this place. They´ve found the undescribable beauty within, wich seems to stay hidden from the eyes of those who dont pick up the courage in order to explore it. Our Teritorry is the "Wonderland" for wolves. We got the strangest yet wonderful places within our small world which seem to be landscapes from a other ones dream. The sparkling white light wich shines through the oddly shaped branches of the trees, gives the darkness a peaceful azure blueish tone wich sometimes even makes the area look like a enormous Aquarell painting. The teritorry is devided up in several different zones and if you thought there wasnt any green around there then let me tell you that a part of the woods only consists of soft moss, a large amount of herbs and even a hot spring in the middle of it. A perfect place for healers to hang around. Apart from that with have many secret and untouched parts in our woods. They hold strange powers and seem outtawordly but still, many adventurous wolves (especially pups) get attracted to it like bees to the sweet smell of nectar. One of those areas is filled with ancient ruins which lie there since a whole eternity. Nobody knows when and who built them so it has been a secret ever since which creatures had roamed this Territory before we came.
Our den is set on the highest spot of the teritorry. Stair like stone platforms lead up to the den. If you reach the top then you will spot a large stone cave which is surrounded by rocks and a big amount of shrubbery.

However...demons, bears and many other dangerous beings roam around here, so you should better be on your guard. Right now we have four members in the pack and it would be great to have more members to join who could fill up the other ranks. We are quick thinkers, a justice loving and caring pack who are always thrilled to meet new wolves no matter what kind they are. Outsiders, banished ones come to the Death whisperers. Almost every rank is open so feel free to join us, we dont bite Wink

If you want to find us then you have to choose the direction you´ve never understood, then this path will lead you straight to the wonderous Death whisper wood.

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Death Whisper Pack Wonder10

A bit lost...Alice?  Cool

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Death Whisper Pack
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